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notNeutral Vero Cortado Glass 125ml / 4.25oz

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The Vero cortado glass is the first piece in our newest glassware collection.


Designed to be the ideal vessel for a cortado, it's not bad if you like your favorite whiskey neat, either. Usually served in a traditional rocks glass, a cortado is slightly larger in volume than a macchiato and smaller than a cappuccino. Our take on the cortado glass has exaggerated facets for a more modern appearance, as well as technical improvements for specialty coffee. We addressed the challenge of pouring latte art in a traditional rocks glass by modeling the interior curve of the cup after our Lino cappuccino cup.

The Vero cortado is available in clear, smoke, rose, and amber glass.

• Made in the USA
• Glass
• Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
• Volume: 4.25 oz. (125 ml)
• Size: 3” H x 3” W

Please note that Vero is a handmade product, and natural color variations will occur. 

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