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Subminimal NanoFoamer

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Introducing NanoFoamer

NanoFoamer is a revolutionary new way to create smooth microfoamed milk at home for your flat white, cappuccino, or caffe latte. You can now create the highest quality velvety milk at home without spending thousands on an espresso machine.

The NanoFoamer spins milk bubbles through NanoScreens at ultra-high speed, breaking the bubbles down into a microscopic mist called microfoam.  Microfoamed milk has a velvet texture and ads perceived sweetness to your coffee drinks.  

Choose the fine or superfine NanoScreen to personalize the density of your microfoam. Additionally, churn for a shorter or longer time to adjust how much foam you make. Remove the screen for mixing hot cocoa and other drinks.

Microfoam is so fine, you won't ever see bubbles and pouring this feels like pouring fresh paint rather than any kind of foam. Microfoam mixes with the espresso and crema, creating a velvet-smooth mouthfeel.

Pour yourself the best-looking and best-tasting coffee you've ever made a home! Making the best milk-based coffee drink could not be any easier. Just pick a NanoScreen, churn some warmed milk for 20 seconds, and pour. The microfoam is so fine, the milk will feel like pouring paint.

Meet the Nanofoamer. The first handheld tool for creating super-fine micro-foamed milk in seconds. At home, many milk-based drinks get ruined because existing foamers only create runny milk with globs of stiff foam. Not the Nanofoamer. Choose between the super fine or fine nanoscreen and simply froth cafe-style milk from wherever you are. It’s an easy and simple way to create your own latte art that will pair perfectly with you delicious espresso from your Flair Espresso Maker.

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