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MHW Wright Cup 130ml

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Wright Series - Transparent Café Coffee Glasses, a blend of retro aesthetics and modern functionality. These coffee glasses are thoughtfully designed to enhance your enjoyment of each sip while adding a touch of elegance to your coffee presentation.


Vertical Rib Design: The distinctive vertical rib design not only adds a layer of sophistication but also provides a heat-resistant and anti-scalding grip, ensuring you can savor your coffee comfortably, even at high temperatures.

Retro Aesthetic: We've carefully preserved the essence of retro aesthetics in these coffee glasses. The addition of three-dimensional vertical ribs on the external surface lends them a unique and timeless charm.

Clear and Bright Appearance: The vertical ribs contribute to a clear and bright appearance, making your coffee look as good as it tastes. These glasses are designed to elevate your coffee presentation.

Proper Wide Mouth: The proper wide mouth of these glasses is thoughtfully combined with simple and flowing lines, enhancing not only their aesthetics but also the overall coffee-drinking experience.

Modern Style with Retro Fashion: The Wright Series - Transparent Café Coffee Glasses seamlessly blend modern style with strong retro fashion. They are a statement piece that adds character to your café ambiance.

Variety of Sizes: Choose from a range of capacities to suit your coffee preferences, from 90ml to 480ml, ensuring there's a perfect size for every coffee enthusiast.


  • Material: Glass
  • Capacities: 130ml
  • Weights: 130g

Sip in Style

The Wright Series - Transparent Café Coffee Glasses are more than just vessels for your coffee; they're an embodiment of style and functionality.

Elevate Your Coffee Presentation

Don't compromise on the presentation of your coffee. Elevate your café's aesthetics with the Wright Series - Transparent Café Coffee Glasses by MHW-3BOMBER. Order yours today and discover how the perfect coffee glass can transform your café experience. It's time to sip in style.

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