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Leverpresso V3

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We're proud to Introduce the new Leverpresso V3 for 2021.


The 3rd-generation Leverpresso features an upgraded lever system and a semi-matte finish cap and cup.


The new lever system now includes integrated bushing to reduce friction, increase product longevity, and provide a smoother experience when extracting espresso.


The semi-matte finish not only looks better than the glossy finish of past generations but also helps increase scratch resistance and durability.


The smallest portable lever espresso machine just got better. 


 * The Leverpresso V3 is fully compatible with both Leverpresso Stand versions 1.0 and 2.0.


The package includes:

  • Leverpresso V3 (2021) Machine (1)
  • 51mm Doubleshot 18-gram Non-Pressurized (bottomless) OR Pressurized Portafilter Basket {pre-installed} (1)
  • Replacement O-ring for the Water Cylinder Piston (1)
  • Leverpresso Manual (1)
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