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Flow Tip Milk Jug by Subminimal

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The Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug is a unique, ergonomic, and stylish milk jug that can be used on a stovetop to heat up your milk to the perfect temperature and makes learning and pouring latte art easy. 

The simple, yet elegant, stainless steel milk jug’s handle is heat resistant so you can use it on gas, electric or induction stovetops to reach the ideal 55-65ºc for your Milk every morning, no longer needing to burn it in the microwave or in a large pot.

The spout has been custom designed to be optimal for beginners and pro alike for use in latte art. A smooth handle makes the jug comfortable to hold whilst the sharp tip allows you to create intricate latte art. The 450ml capacity is perfect for all milk-based drinks and when you’re done, simply pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug Features

Stovetop Compatible Milk Jug – Heat your milk on the stove and pour straight into your cup.

450ml Capacity – Perfect size for a mug of cappuccino or more.

304g Stainless Steel – Durable and tough to be used in a kitchen and commercial environment.

Latte Art Tip – A sharp tip ensures easy to use for Latte Art, but widens early, great for beginners. 

Heat Resistant Handle – Smoother ergonomic Handle, makes it comfortable to hold.

Dishwasher Safe – Place it straight in the dishwasher once done for an easy clean

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