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Flair 58 High Uniformity Basket

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The new Flair High Uniformity Basket features a hole pattern with 1,800 individual extraction points. This high uniformity hole pattern is wider than any of our other baskets, with 25% more holes than Flair’s accessory High Flow Basket, and an incredible 37% more than Flair’s standard Low Flow – chamfered – basket!

This increased coverage allows for even extractions out to the edges of the basket, limiting channeling by spreading the flow out over more of the puck. That, coupled with the smaller .2mm holes, delivers an incredibly clean cup, with low fines, and a great emphasis on the bright notes and high aromatics sought after in lighter roasts, while also limiting any undesirable earthiness, or muddy body.

We recommend this basket for any coffee, but it will really make your light roasts pop!

Product details:

  • 1,800 hole pattern extending to edges
  • .22mm holes
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dose from 15 to 20 grams (extended to 12-22 grams depending on roast and grind size)
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